Visual Creation

Tona Williams

I love to explore movement, form, stories, and identities through many media. In working with clients, I specialize in portraiture and performance photography, documentary-style video production, and custom design development. My independent art currently is all about creating new sculptural lighting designs, display shelving and mixed media wall art. I partner with retailers and design professionals to share these with the public.

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Custom Display Shelves

custom displays by Tona Williams

My unique and elegant display shelving designs might be perfect for your retail space or home. I make these to order and can customize with your art and design ideas.

Face Masks

In 2020 I started designing face masks, and despite myself I keep coming up with new styles as different variations are needed. Get them at the Mother Fool’s General Store – online and on Williamson St. in Madison, Wisconsin. You can also download free patterns here

View my February 2020 “Squish” lighting installation

Many of my sculptural lighting and other home furnishings are for sale here and the collection is growing quickly. Purchase pieces in my online shop or see my art in person at one of my retail partners, art show or pop-up market appearances.

Custom Photo, Video, Art

Would you like to book a photo or video session or customize a special piece of art? Talk to me about your vision and how I can help you bring it into being and show it off to the world. Contact me here.

Tona Williams
Documentary filming
Tona Williams
Unique Jewelry
Aerial Dance
Tona Williams on the set of Chad Vader
Filming Chad Vader
Sculptural Lighting by Tona Williams
Sculptural Lighting
Photography by Tona Williams
Photography (feat. Cosmic Circus Arts)