Video Production and Design

My creative community is based in Madison, Wisconsin and includes gifted actors, visual artists, directors, writers and comedians. I collaborate with clients and other creatives both locally and over long distances.

Tona Williams on the set of Chad Vader
on the set of "Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager"

Selected Clients and Projects

Over 15+ years I have worked with a wide range of businesses, state agencies, nonprofit organizations and independent artists to create video, photography, graphic design and website projects:

YES LMS – Video editing

Madison Circus Space – Video production and performance photography 

Blame Society Productions – Video production of many short films, web and graphic design, Welcome to the Basement show camera and lighting over 10+ years

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin – Video production and photography

Habitat for Humanity – Documentary production

CrossFit Recursive – Video production and photography

The International Fund for Agricultural Development, The Aga Khan Foundation, and The Mountain Societies Development Support Programme – Travel documentary and photography

VR Development Group – Video production


University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention – Training videos for the Mindfulness Training for Smokers project

Madison Metropolitan School District – Music videos with elementary school students

A Perfect Knot Yoga Center – Video production and web design

NessAlla Kombucha – Video production, photography and graphic design

Wingra School – Documentary production

Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin – Documentary production

The River Foodbank – Documentary production for multiple projects

Southern Illinois University – Vocational rehabilitation training videos

Cooperative Care home health care co-op – Documentary production

Generate Talent Management – Web design

Monkey Business Institute improv troupe – Video production, graphic design, photography and web design

Adventure Yarns international development – Video production, web and graphic design

Inner Passage adventure guides – Web and graphic design

Donor Collaborative of Wisconsin – Web design

Madison Media Institute – Video production

Free Speech TV Source Code – Interviews and video production

Rates for Project Elements

Here are rates that I use to create a custom estimate for your project. The first half hour of consultation is free of charge. Rates are accurate as of 2022.

Video Production

The production scenario will vary depending on whether the project is a short film, documentary, training video, formal interview or ad spot, and also depending on crew size, production hours, and length of the final video.  A full day includes up to 10 hours (half day five hours) including travel time.

  • Camera work: $950 day / $500 half day – one camera/sound unit with cinematographer
  • Lighting designer: $950 day / $500 half day – lightning designer and equipment
  • Sound designer: $700 day / $400 half day – sound designer and equipment
  • Additional production hours: $120/hr
  • Editing and other post-production: $120/hr – Final Cut Pro editing suite, DVD Studio Pro authoring
  • Consultation and project management: $120/hr


  • Base design rate: $120/hr.
  • Business cards, flyers, posters: $200-$600+ (estimate based on previous projects)
  • Original design of one detailed image: $300-$600+ (estimate based on previous projects)
  • Logo design: $500-$2000+ (estimate based on previous projects)

Photo Shoots

The process for sessions, session fees, and print orders is on my Photo Sessions and Policies page.