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    Fluid is a sculpture, a lantern or chandelier, a table lamp, shimmering in the sunlight and glowing at night …. its presentation shifts to fit your whims and needs. It is my original design, constructed out of 1/8″ clear and mirrored acrylic and fastened with sturdy removable bolts. Without the base, the head of the sculpture is mounted on steel cable so that it can be hung indoors or outdoors. When resting on the optional base, it becomes a tabletop lamp. The small version is approximately 11″ tall when hanging and 12″ tall when resting on its base, and the large is approximately 20″ hanging and 22″ when on its base.

    The sculpture comes with lighting only by request, since it is easy to add your own preferred light source that perfectly fits your needs (outdoor/indoor, battery/usb/solar power string lights, plug-in bulb and cord). I can provide several options of LED string lights or an LED bulb and cord set.

    $100 small, lighter weight for hanging – substitutes thin Mylar for some layers
    $170 small, lighter weight with base – substitutes thin Mylar for some layers of the head
    $150 small size for hanging – all 1/8” acrylic layers
    $220 small size with base – all 1/8” acrylic layers
    $380 large size for hanging – all 1/8” acrylic layers
    $500 large size with base – all 1/8” acrylic layers
    $20 optional light source

    Additional charge for shipping, dependent on your location and delivery method

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