Custom Face Masks

Room To Breathe face mask illustrations by Tona Williams

Custom Mask Orders By Request

The Room To Breathe face mask out on a bike ride
I’m testing the Room To Breathe face mask out on a bike ride
  • Contact me through email to check my availability for filling handmade mask orders directly.
  • Cost: $30 + shipping (or you can do free local pickup in Madison, WI). Pay online through one of the methods listed on this page, or via the tip jar below. Shipping within the USA is $5 for one mask, and $9 for up to six masks in a small USPS Priority Mail box. International shipping varies.
  • Each mask is unique and fastening materials vary depending on the style and available supplies. Currently I’m using elasic with adjustable toggles for over-ear, and elastic and webbing with carabiners for behind the neck. Cloth straps are an option too, though they need to be made to order.

If you’re ordering a Room To Breathe mask, I’ll need to know:

  1. Nape of neck or over ear fastening?
  2. Pointy beak or rounded snout?
  3. Size?
    • Adult medium (fits most adults and children over 10)
    • Adult large (for if you want to be sure to have extra coverage, have a larger-than-average head or a full beard)
    • Child large (approx. ages 6-10)
    • Child small (approx. ages 2-5/toddler/preschool)
  4. Do you have any important fabric and pattern preferences or dislikes? Note that supply is limited, but there are usually options. Do you like florals? Do you want something more plain and unobtrusive? Shall we make it playful and fun?
  5. Would you prefer slightly thicker layers for more protection or slightly thinner layers for being more active? All masks have multiple layers of material and combine tightly-woven cotton and synthetics in order to take advantage of both mechanical and electrostatic filtration. I vary the thickness of the fabric and the thickness of the interfacing used in individual masks.
  6. Shipping name and address, or can you pick up locally in Madison, Wisconsin?