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Jane Pierce Is Free

Created for the 46 Artists for America’s First Ladies exhibition

In 2021, the Arts and Literature Laboratory created an art show in conjunction with Forward Theater’s production of 46 Plays for America’s First Ladies. Each artist was randomly assigned a First Lady, with the only stipulation being that the final presentation fit within a 12”x12” wall space. I was matched with Jane Pierce. Visit the virtual art exhibition, including all 46 pieces | View the Jane Pierce page | Purchase tickets to view a live recording of the theatrical production from May 8-23, 2021 

Eclectic Visual Creation by Tona Williams

Tona Williams, NM 2017I’m a multidisciplinary artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. I collaborate with clients on portraiture and performance photography projects, documentary-style video production, and custom design development, with the rest of my focus on creating independent art. My original designs most often take the form of sculptural lighting and unique items for the home. With each new creation I explore ways to combine very organic and malleable forms with the straight lines of industrial surfaces and the intrigue of light and shadow. For me, it is all alive.

Sculptural Home Furnishings

  • View my calendar of upcoming events 
  • The Grand Inspired gallery is the exclusive carrier of several of my new lighting designs and cast iron sculptures. Visit this stunning space filled with unique home treasures – 501 East Main Street, Stoughton, WI / View photos 
  • Browse my jewelry and sculpture in the lovely Communication shop featuring local art – 2645 Milwaukee St., Madison, WI.
  • Private studio visits and consultations available by appointment – The Bodgery, 740 Oscar Avenue, Madison, WI. 
“Conduit” by Tona Williams
“Conduit” 24” tall - find at Local Motive and Communication
“Conduit” by Tona Williams
“Fruit” by Tona Williams
“Fruit” - find at Local Motive
"Fruit" by Tona Williams
Available in several sizes
“Fruit” by Tona Williams
"Fruit" by Tona Williams
“Fruit” by Tona Williams
“Fluid” by Tona Williams
“Fluid” - find at Local Motive
“Fluid” by Tona Williams
Available in several sizes and variations
“Waft” by Tona Williams
“Waft” - find at Communication and Local Motive
“I Share My Heart” ornaments by Tona Williams
“I Share My Heart” ornaments and gift sets - find at Grand Inspired
Dragonfly Light (44") by Tona Williams
Dragonfly Light 44” (custom order)
Dragonfly Light 44”
Home Decor at Mother Fool's General Store - by Tona Williams
Antler Shelf (custom order) | Dragonfly Light 22” - find at Local Motive | Ornaments and gift sets at Grand Inspired and by request
Heart Ornaments by Tona Williams
Ornaments and Gift Sets
“Love Dove” layered monoprints by Tona Williams
“Love Dove” layered monoprints
custom displays by Tona Williams
Customized Product Displays

Several options for Dragonfly Wing hooks and jewelry displays, in single or matching full wing sets

Dragonfly Wing hooks by Tona Williams
Honey Bee nightlight by Tona Williams
Honey Bee night light
Sculptural Lighting by Tona Williams
“Dragonfly Wing” and “Alcove” lights (custom order)
“Bud” light by Tona Williams
“Bud” light

Many more sculptural lighting options

Aquatic Lamp by Tona Williams
“Aquatic” light
“Alcove” light by Tona Williams
“Alcove” light