Video & Design Project Options

On the set of “Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager,” Season 4, Episode 1

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Here are some details about the rates for various project components. These rates are a starting point, and after we talk we’ll develop a custom estimate that is tailored to your particular project scope and budget. The first half hour of consultation is free of charge. Rates are accurate as of 2017.

Video Production

The production scenario will vary depending on whether the project is a short film, documentary, training video, formal interview or ad spot, and also depending on crew size, production hours, and length of the final video.  A full day includes up to 10 hours (half day five hours) including travel time.

  • Camera work: $950 day / $500 half day – one camera/sound unit with cinematographer
  • Lighting designer: $950 day / $500 half day – lightning designer and equipment
  • Sound designer: $700 day / $400 half day – sound designer and equipment
  • Additional production hours: $120/hr
  • Editing and other post-production: $120/hr – Final Cut Pro editing suite, DVD Studio Pro authoring
  • Consultation and project management: $120/hr


  • Base design rate: $120/hr.
  • Business cards, flyers, posters: $200-$600+ (estimate based on previous projects)
  • Original design of one detailed image: $300-$600+ (estimate based on previous projects)
  • Logo design: $500-$2000+ (estimate based on previous projects)