Eclectic Visual Creation by Tona Williams

Tona Williams, NM 2017I’m a multidisciplinary artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. I collaborate with clients on portraiture and performance photography projects, documentary-style video production, and custom design development, with the rest of my focus on creating independent art. My original designs most often take the form of sculptural lighting and unique items for the home. With each new creation I explore ways to combine very organic and malleable forms with the straight lines of industrial surfaces and the intrigue of light and shadow. For me, it is all alive.

Sculptural Home Furnishings

Shop my evolving collection of sculptural lighting, unique home furnishings, jewelry, paintings and ornaments.

Contact me for a showing – or – Visit one of my retail partners in Madison – or – Order directly from my website (I am currently reconfiguring the online shopping pages here, but please contact me with any questions).

Find my art in Madison at Mother Fool’s Cafe and General Store and Chrysalis Salon and Shop

“Fluid” Light Sculpture

Fluid is a sculpture, a lantern or chandelier, a table lamp, shimmering in the sunlight and glowing at night …. its presentation shifts to fit your whims and needs. It is my original design, constructed out of 1/8″ clear and mirrored acrylic and fastened with sturdy removable bolts.

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