Tona Williams
Tona Williams – photo: Carey Mullett
I love to explore movement, form, stories, identities through many media. I currently work most in photography, sculpture, video, painting, hand printing and metalworking.
The Honey Bee Night Light

My sculptural lighting and other home furnishings are here and the collection is growing quickly. Purchase pieces in my online shop or see my art in person at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens gift shop or Chrysallis Salon Gallery in Madison, WI, the Johnston Gallery in Mineral Point, WI, or at one of my art show and pop-up market appearances.

Would you like to book a photo or video session or customize a special piece of art? Talk to me about your vision and how I can help you bring it into being and show it off to the world. Contact me here.
Tona Williams
Documentary filming
Tona Williams
Unique Jewelry
Aerial Dance
Tona Williams on the set of Chad Vader
Filming Chad Vader
Sculptural Lighting by Tona Williams
Sculptural Lighting
Photography by Tona Williams
Photography (feat. Cosmic Circus Arts)