Above And Below / 001


This piece is a cyanotype monoprint finished with oil pigment and cold wax, mounted on 12″x16″x1.5″ cradled birch board and ready to hang. The image is an original artwork that is part of the Above And Below series. The series is based on photographs that I took of the smooth, clear ice of Lake Monona, Wisconsin in January 2018 on a 5°F day. As I trekked out towards the center of the lake, peering through the layers below, I became enthralled with how much the natural forms looked like tableaus of otherworldly landscapes and seascapes. The photo that this is based on is not retouched; it is nature’s display.

Something about me

I’m a multimedia artist whose projects include fine art painting, photography, video production, metalworking and sculpture. Images in this series are based on my original photographs, then composed and adjusted digitally for the cyanotype process, and finally hand printed and painted in a traditional manner — very messy, unpredictable and thoroughly satisfying.



This piece is an original cyanotype layered with oil pigments around the edge and finished with cold wax. Even before painting, the hand printing process produces natural variation in images, making each piece unique.

The historic cyanotype process sensitizes the printing surface with a solution of iron salts that is exposed to ultraviolet light, embedding the design into the fibers. After additional layers of color, a final wax finish is worked into the surface, making it unnecessary to display the work behind glass. Cyanotypes prefer a slightly acidic environment and are mounted with pH neutral materials. Slight fading is natural with exposure to bright light; place the piece in darkness for a couple of days to restore the deeper blue tones.


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 15 × 17 × 2 in